Berlin Wall & History Tour

2010-08-10 12.37.42
The former Berlin Wall at East Side Gallery

Place of Army Surrender in 1945
Place of Army Surrender in 1945

chcharlieCheckpoint Charly -remembering victims

The Berlin Wall Tour will take you to the sites where East and West stood head on, on confrontational, sometimes deadly course during almost 30 years. We will see places in the quarters of Mitte, Friedrichshain and Wedding, where are impressive remains and memorials sites. They give you a feeling of what it must have been to be locked in a city and to be threatened with guns and mines if you wanted to go to the other side. Many people paid with their lives for trying to escape from the East to the West, and some of this gruelling feeling can be relived, for instance at Bernauerstr. with its concrete and metal fences. Then there ist the Checkpoint Charlie that allowed foreign diplomats entering East Berlin, feared for smuggling things by the communist regime, and spectacular wall paintings from artists from all over the world in Friedrichshain.

The former headquarters of the infamous Stasi – secrete police – force are in Friedrichshain, close to one of our flats, today housing an impressive museum at the original sites with many items like “smell conserving rags” used to identify suspicious persons; and a bit farther away, you can take guided tours by ex political prisoners to see the original prison cells and police vans that some may know from the film “The Lives of the others”. There is nothing more impressive than being told by former inmates how it was like being imprisioned for trying to leave the country or politically disagreeing.

The Third-Reich-Tour introduces you to the places where the Nazis concocted and put into practice their megalomaniac plans, creating huge buildings, some of them still standing today, burned books and buildings they didn´t like, collected and deported people they deemed “inferior”. We go either walking, by car or by bike to places to see and explain are Unter den Linden, the still used, nearby ex Air Force ministry of Göring, the adjacent open air exposition about the Gestapo, the place of Hitler´s former bunker, the burned and reconstructed synagogue, and then there is also the one street where the only known public protest took place in the middle of the war against the gruelling deportation policy. Upon request, we take you to further sites .

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