Principal Sightseeing Tour

a nightshot at the Brandenburg Gate

All photos that you see, we haven taken on our tours.
concert & fireworks productions with Semperoper 2011
concert & fireworks productions with Semperoper 2011
German Parliament
German Parliament

The Principal Sightseeing tours will take you to destinations in and around central Berlin (Mitte), we use limousines or, balloon for aerial views, and, for the physically ambitious ones, get you good bikes – the grandiose monuments and streets in the heart of the old Berlin. All photos that you see, we haven taken on our tours.

We show you the historical centre from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate, and make you aware of fascinating juxtapositions of old and new buildings almost opposing each other, allowing unique photo shoots.
  • The Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag/Parliament (incl. quick access), Oper unter den Linden, Gendarmenmarkt, Schloss Charlottenburg, Dom
  • The fantastic Island of Museums with Nefertiti & ancient Pergamon Altar are mind blowing from inside, but just to stroll around these five museums is also a a highly recommendable treat
  • excursions to Potsdam with the “Prussian Versailles”- Sanssouci castle of Frederick the Great – and the forests and lakes south west of Berlin are well worth a visit
  • Still somewhat a secret, but hugely impressive is Europe´s longest coherent set of historic buildings in Karl-Marx-Allee, stretching for 2,5 km to the city centre with a great variety of impressive classical building styles, parks, shops, a cinema, alleys. The best artisans and architects of the Communist Regime gathered in the 1950s to deliver a lasting urban impact.
  • choose from our propositions that you wouldn´t find in any guide: e.g. a former graveyard chapel now used for theatre and music performances, thrilling art galleries (in fact, one looks and feels like a butcher´s shop!); Book straight: or first have a look at some items of any basic Berlin visit.

Backround on Brandenburg Gate:

The Brandenburger Tor (Gate) with the sculpture on top that Napoleon took to Paris, and with a short walk, we arrive at the late 19th century Reichstag, inaugurated by the German Emperor, which now serves as the German Parliament. Nearby is the river Spree inviting for a very nice stroll along its beaches.
Backround on West Berlin
West Berlin with its 2nd World War remains of the Gedächtniskirche, adjacent to which a new church was built – the oldes zoo of Germany, the oldest museum created in early 19th century. Berlin is full of these places, very often featuring stark contrasts between old and new. Let us tell you of 100 more ideas and places where to go…

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