Prestigious Purchases

Luxus Golduhr
Artfair: handcrafted clock,  Paris, 18th century

Luxus Meissen1

porcellain set, Meißen, since 1710luxus

book shelf, Berlin, ca 1882
Luxus LondonJenner & Newstub, London 1870

Our prestigious purchase tour takes you to those big and small places for lovers of art gems, 250 year old furniture, or modern design pieces, historic and modern porcellain, watches and more:

  • antiquity houses and auctions with 80 to 300 year old furnitures, sofas, paintings etc. We organize visits to antiquity fairs – like the Berlin Kunst- u. Antiquitäten Tage Berlin-Charlottenburg, or Berliner Antique&Art; also you got permanent exhibits and purchase opportunities at Antikmarkt am Ostbahnhof and private sales in Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain and Mitte.
  • the latest German technology products, be it
    • binoculars from Zeiss,
    • cars from Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Maybach and Phaeton,
    • childrens toys from Steiff, or handmade, from wood.
    • superior fitted kitchens items of top German brands like Siemens, Miele, Poggenpohl, Benz, Gaggenau
    • Zeiss headquarters in Jena have subsidiaries in the big German towns, but in fact Jena might be worth a straight visit from Berlin, as its together with Weimar, home of Germany´s most important poets Schiller and Goethe
  • design furniture stores from the 1920s to the 1970s, or state of the art furniture, many across Berlin, with particularly good stores in Charlottenburg, Prenzlauerberg and Mitte
  • the town of Meissen, home of Europe´s first porcellain manufacture from 1710, is located 195km from Berlin; you can shop straight at the MeissenPorzellan headquarters which are also close to the beautiful town of Dresden and Germany´s most famous opera, the Semperoper, which is definitely  another highly recommended sightseeing trip
  • jewellery – either modern top class or antique shops – the former in a variety of shops on Kurfürstendamm, KDW and Friedrichstr, the latter in Charlottenburg and Mitte

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