Welcome to Berlin & Germany!

your stay in Germany & Europe, with all amenities...
Room view on Brandenburg Gate

Prime exhibit on the Museumsinsel: Nefertitis
Berlin´s “First Lady”: Nefertiti
classic transport amenities
classic-or modern-transport amenities
wall remains
wall remains

Distinguished Traveller,

feel a warm welcome to Germany and to our site, where we´d like to show you our personalized travel assistance services – as the founder of Maestros Management, I commit myself personally to the fulfillment of your requests by my team with maximum care and descretion.

Since 1996 we have been providing organizational services to private individuals and groups as well as public figures, such as the leading British conductor Sir Simon Rattle and the world´s foremost flamenco virtuoso Paco de Lucía. Let me tell you more about our Maestros-Travel-Offers for Berlin and other German towns:

  • We provide a variety of transport & accomodation services to business executives, private travellers with exclusive tastes and world stars of entertainment. We also provide private house concerts with musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic, dance soloists from Barenboim´s Staatskapelle etc.
  • We organize Principal Sightseeing Package & Flyover-tours with academic and entertaining guides, strolling smoothly in classic or modern cars and also offer hot air ballon & helicopter flights
  • prestigious purchase tours that take you to unique places of 250 year old furnitures, jewellery as well as state of the art German craftsmanship like Zeiss or Siemens products
  • For children, we organize sports (like tennis/football) and art entertainment day camps, for the grown ups, excursions to horse race courses, golf & tennis events and more
  • Also, we organize phyiscal health appointments with distinguished medical doctors and hospitals as well as beauty clinics and parlours
  • The personell and staff at your disposal speaks English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian. You just choose the appropiate language, gender and skills and we provide you with several options of female and male guides.

Of course, complete descretion of our private guest groups is our first priority. In case you should ever feel there is something I personally should take care or know of , contact me at straight at direction@maestros.de. Sincerely, yours, Christoph Gupta

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