Presenting Your Products/Portfolio

  • We develop product presentations embedded in thrilling show concepts that capture both reason and heart of the audience;
  • we stage these presentations in Germany´s greatest venues, such as the Berlin Philharmonic and the Opera of Hannover, for clients such as BASF, Universal Music, and government ministries;
  • to draw proper attention to the presentations, our media partner include the leading nationwide newspapers and Berlin´s biggest – the Berliner Zeitung.

Our approach for a complete and convincing product presentation consists of three steps:

concert & fireworks productions with Semperoper 2011
concert & fireworks productions with Germany´s most famous opera, the Dresden Semperoper in 2011

We work with  the most highly acclaimed theatres and distinguished directors  to have the venues on par with the content delivery; venues include Hamburg´s Congress Centre CCH to the Berlin Philharmonic with performances of Grammy awarded guitargod Paco de Lucia, Cuban dancers from Latin America´s most famous ballett “Tropicana”, in the Admirals-Palace with Spain´s foremost flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena, in Munich´s beautiful Prinzregententheater.

Some suggestions below for a truly spectacular presentation to achieve an unforgettable experience. We display your products with the latest lighting and sound technique and would suggest considering the use 3D technology:

  • With 3D mapping, entire buildings or products such as cars, TVs, or phones will literally appear in “a new light”, jumping out and staying in the mind of the audience, leaving a lasting impact. Thus, our technicians turned a Mercedes car presentation in Geneva into a big time event.
  • Additionally, we enhance your presentations with some of the best musicians and artists performing today. We can even offer specific compositions for your event, performed by top artists like musicians of the Berliner Philharmonic.

3D-examples of a film presentation and a Toyota car premiere

two projections on white building
two projections on white building
  • For environmental reasons and PR purposes, we offer ecological and fair-trade oriented catering and LED lighting services, highlighting sustainability as an important issue.

3D-animations of a statue and a building

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